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Hello and welcome to one of my very favorite engagement sessions EVER! When I asked Marissa and Nick what some of their favorite date nights consisted of, I knew we were on to something when they said they frequent one of my favorite local pizza places, Via Farina. We grabbed a SalsiccIa pizza and a negroni to-go (that we served in the CUTEST cocktail glasses that belong to Nick’s grandma), and had ourselves the most perfect summertime Italian picnic! Not only was this a visually beautiful session, but it was so special because it payed tribute to both Marissa and Nick’s Italian heritage!

I think it’s SO important to incorporate pieces of your personality in your engagement photos. Maybe that looks a little different for you than it does Marissa and Nick; maybe you grew up playing basketball and want to have a little 1 v 1 match together, or perhaps you want to go back to the coffee shop where you had your first date! No detail is too small, be as creative or extra as your heart tells you!