Emily and Matthew got engaged in Illinois right after the holidays, but wanted to take their engagement photos in the place where their relationship first started! They were randomly placed in the same freshman orientation group at Creighton and the rest is history. (What’s even crazier is that the following year, Emily was the leader of MY freshman orientation group!!) They always told us that there was a good chance we’d meet our future partner during orientation week and I guess they weren’t kidding!

It was SO windy downtown during this shoot but we made the best of it. By the end, we were all laughing and having the greatest time. Emily invited her sister to come along and Caroline quickly became in charge of fixing hair and accessories in the middle of wind gusts. If you’re ever a little nervous about having your photos taken, BRING A FRIEND!! Having someone there who knows you best to make you laugh can make all the difference. (Of course I will do my best to make you laugh but sometimes just having your sister there just hits different, you know?)